Insurance: Not at this time.
Rates: $50 for 60 minutes session
            $80.00 for Innitial session, and 90 minute  byweekly sessions
Slading Scale: Yes, call to arrange
Method of payment: Cash, Check, Debit, and Credit 
Do you work with children? Yes I do, children 6 years of age and older.
What if my husband/wife/partner does not want to attend therapy with me?
That is abosolutely okay, sometimes it takes one very motivated individual to start up a chain reaction in their current relationship, I will work with the individual that is ready to see a change in their relationship.
What happens in the first session?  I will converse with you about your history, the current siutation that is prompting you to seek counseling, and will create a clinical treatment plan that could help you have a sense of the estimate number of sessions that it could take to tackle the  
 matter that brought you in. 
Here are some pointers by a collegue Kati Morton:
Why theraphy, shoulden't I be able to handle my own problems? Seeking a third party to give you unbiased fee back, a person that can help see your own potential and point out your strenghts at times when anxiety, depression   prevent you from reaching your inner resources.